Our Treatment Approach

Our outpatient services provide comprehensive care and support for those looking to make the positive changes necessary for long-term sobriety. Clients are able to process the stressors of daily life and learn how to implement tools to safely and effectively cope. Through continuous accountability and acceptance, clients learn to thrive as they take steps toward a new life.  


Our outpatient facility offers several options of care and various days and times for clients to receive services based on their availability. Our staff works with clients to determine what services would best serve their needs and ensure they receive the support they need and deserve. 


Adams Recovery Center’s outpatient care is tailored to the needs of clients, including length of treatment. Our outpatient program will work with clients to determine the appropriate amount of treatment that will benefit their sobriety. Some clients conclude services after 12 weeks; other clients are continuing their weekly counseling after two years! Adams Recovery Center is proud to support clients at every stage of recovery and continue providing support to those who need it.  


Our qualified and licensed counselors are dedicated to utilizing evidence-based practices to assist clients with identifying the issues that contribute to their addiction. Through group and/or individual counseling, clients are given the space and attention they deserve to process their emotions and behaviors in a caring environment. Our counselors are passionate about exploring various issues related to addiction and utilizing creative avenues to connect with clients on a deeper level. Clients will be challenged and encouraged to push past their comfort zones to gain authentic healing. By engaging in these sessions, clients are able to gain the tools they need for sustained sobriety. 

Medication Assisted Treatment

Adams Recovery Center provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) options to clients who are interested. Our physicians will explore options with clients to determine the best course of action for them and their sobriety goals. 


Adams Recovery Center believes in the importance of accountability in sobriety. When clients are not in a controlled environment, it can be difficult to maintain consistency with goals. Whenever a client comes in for a session, they will be drug-tested. Clients are held accountable to the goals they set, and their counselor will work with them if they are struggling to achieve these goals. 

Individualized Treatment

At Adams Recovery Center, we understand and celebrate that every client is an individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences. We are passionate about assisting clients with finding their true selves in sobriety and focusing on what matters to them in counseling. Clients at ARC will not receive a cookie-cutter approach, but one that values them as complex humans.