Our Treatment Approach

Adams Recovery Center is dedicated to change and empowerment. We believe every person struggling with addiction has the power within them to make the positive changes necessary for sobriety. In a safe, supportive, and structured environment away from the stresses of daily life, clients are able to decompress and stabilize from the chaos addiction can create.


Research indicates that many people struggling with addiction need more than 30 days to gain true benefit from treatment. Adams Recovery Center offers treatment that gives clients time and space to address their core issues and build skills necessary for sustained sobriety. Treatment typically lasts between 60 to 90 days and is based entirely on individual need and progress.


The facility has a structured schedule for clients to follow daily to help establish a routine and maintain focus on treatment and recovery. While there is plenty of free time, we believe excessive idle time often assists intrusive thoughts that can lead to impulsivity and poor decisions. Many clients have lived without a routine for years while in active addiction; therefore, a set schedule helps them relearn the importance of routine and accomplishing daily tasks and responsibilities.


Our qualified and licensed counselors are dedicated to utilizing evidence-based practices to assist clients with identifying the issues that contribute to their addiction. Through group and individual counseling, clients are given the space and attention they deserve to process their emotions and behaviors in a caring environment. Our counselors are passionate about exploring various issues related to addiction and utilizing creative avenues to connect with clients on a deeper level. Clients will be challenged and encouraged to push past their comfort zones to gain authentic healing. By engaging in these sessions, clients gain the tools they need for sustained sobriety.

Medical Services

Many people in active addiction have neglected their health and wellness for a long time. Adams Recovery Center is proud to have a team of physicians, medical assistants, and nursing assistants dedicated to helping clients navigate any concerns or issues they have about their health. Adams Recovery Center also provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), through our partnership with MedMark, options to clients who are interested.

Care Coordination

Many clients enter treatment with case management needs such as fulfilling legal obligations, open CPS cases, coordinating unemployment, etc. The facility has a designated Care Coordinator to assist clients with navigating these issues and meeting any necessary obligations. Adams Recovery Center has coordinated with many different resources over the years and is dedicated to providing cohesive client care.

Peer Support Services

Certified Peer Supporters are available to clients. With peer support services, clients will find understanding, empathy, and encouragement from others who have faced similar challenges. Our team is committed to fostering a compassionate atmosphere, guiding each individual towards sustained sobriety and a promising future.

Individualized Treatment

At Adams Recovery Center, we understand and celebrate that every client is an individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences. We are passionate about assisting clients with finding their true selves in sobriety and focusing on what matters to them in counseling. Clients at ARC will not receive a cookie-cutter approach, but one that values them as complex humans.