Q. How do I set up an appointment to get into your program?

The first step is to contact our intake department at (937)-483-4269. We receive a high volume of calls, so it is possible you might be sent to voicemail. If this happens, please speak clearly and slowly and leave your name and a good contact phone number or numbers where we can reach you. We will call you back!

Q. Do you take Medicaid / private insurance?

Yes! Adams Recovery Center accepts Ohio Medicaid, managed care plans such as Aetna, AmeriHealth, Anthem, Caresource, Buckeye Health Plan, Molina, and United Healthcare Community Plan. We also accept most private insurance and we are part of the VA Community Care Program. For those who do not have qualifying insurance, we provide options for self-pay. Please contact us to determine if your insurance qualifies and to explore your options.

Q. I’m not from the Cincinnati area. Can I still receive treatment at Adams Recovery Center?

Yes! Adams Recovery Center accepts clients from all over Ohio. We have even had several out-of-state clients. Please contact our intake coordinators to see what we can do for you.

Q. I want to come in as soon as possible for an assessment. How long is the wait?

Adams Recovery Center prides itself having several qualified licensed staff who can provide an assessment, sometimes the same day you make contact. We provide assessments daily for both in-patient and intensive outpatient. Please contact us to speak with our intake department to schedule an assessment.

Q. I’m not sure what type of treatment I need. What do I do?

Adams Recovery Center will assist you during the assessment process to help you determine what level of service you require and ensure you are matched with the correct program. Our trained professionals will help you make the most informed choice to begin your journey toward sustained sobriety.

Q. Will I be admitted the same day I am assessed?

The first step in determining eligibility for the program is to speak with our intake department. We will review your intake, and, if eligible, you will be given an assessment day and time. When you are assessed by one of our counselors, we will inform you if any of our program offerings will be a good fit for you. All admission determinations will be made pending the final outcome of the assessment.

Please note: If you are not appropriate for our program, we will make referrals for you.

Please note: Although we do ask you to bring your belongings with you, it is not guaranteed you will be admitted at that time. However, please  bring your belongings in any event!

Q. What if I have a co-occurring mental health disorder or medical issues? Will I be allowed in the program?

The assessment allows Adams Recovery Center staff to determine the best level of care for each individual. Your ability to be admitted to the program depends on the severity of your mental health and/or medical symptoms and needs. Adams Recovery Center is experienced with working with those who have various conditions and providing them with the tools to succeed, and most clients are able to be admitted. Once you have been assessed, a counselor can discuss your options with you to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

Q. I have active legal/CPS cases. Can I still be admitted to the program?

Adams Recovery Center works with various Probation and Child Protective Services departments from all over the state. If you have any active cases or responsibilities, please discuss this with intake and we can determine how we can best help you.

Q. I have someone on my caseload who I believe needs treatment. Can I refer them to you?

Yes! Please contact our intake department and they will explain how to proceed with a referral.

Q. Does Adams Recovery Center offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) like Suboxone or Vivitrol?

Yes! Adams Recovery Center is able to offer these services to clients who qualify. All MAT decisions are made between you and our treatment partners, MedMark, to determine the best course of action for your sobriety.

Q. Does Adams Recovery Center take clients who are pregnant?

Adams Recovery Center does accept clients who are pregnant, but there are several factors that determine whether our level of care would be able to meet a pregnant client’s needs. Please contact our intake and we can determine how we can help.

Q. Is Adams Recovery Center just another 12-Step program?

No. While Adams Recovery Center values the impact and support of 12-step programs, the foundations of our program are evidence-based and individualized. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the Hazelden curriculum, and the Therapeutic Community model provide our primary therapeutic approaches. However, we do understand that many of our clients will want to continue to engage in 12-step activities while in our programs, which is why we provide daily sober support meetings in our facilities.

Q. Am I able to attend church or engage in spiritual practices while I am in treatment?

Adams Recovery Center is dedicated to supporting all aspects of a client’s recovery, including religion or spirituality. While we as an agency are non-secular, we are supportive of clients engaging in their own practices while in treatment, such as prayer, reading and/or discussing religious texts, etc. Due to the importance of minimizing time outside of the facility, clients are not able to attend church services while in treatment.

Q. Will I receive individual counseling?

Every client is assigned an individual counselor who will meet with them for individual counseling sessions weekly. Your counselor will be your primary support system and point of contact while you are in the program.

Q. Is there a daily schedule?

Yes. There is a scheduled routine per day of group counseling, sober support meetings, chores and free time. We highly encourage structure in day-to-day activities.

Q. Are you a locked facility?

Adams Recovery Center is an at-will facility. Anyone who is a resident in our program is able to freely leave at any time they wish. We encourage all residents to remain in treatment and to make positive changes in their lives.

Q. Am I permitted to leave the premises?

Clients are permitted to attend appointments approved and coordinated by medical staff and/or their counselor. In order to not interfere with programming, we minimize time spent outside of the facility. Adams Recovery Center does not permit residential clients to secure/maintain employment, nor can clients leave the facility at their leisure.

Q. Are meals provided?

Yes. Breakfast is continental-style. Lunch and dinner are catered.

Q. Is it co-ed?

The men’s and women’s programs operate at the same location, but the programs are kept separate. Adams Recovery Center’s facility is located at 1569 State Route 28, Loveland, OH, 45140.

Q. What are some items I cannot bring with me?

  • Cell Phones
  • Pagers
  • Electronic Communication Devices
  • Television
  • DVD players
  • Any device capable of recording audio/video
  • Food items (candy/gum is permitted)
  • Loose tobacco/rolling papers
  • Electronic Cigarettes / “Vape” products
  • Pipes
  • Cologne
  • Perfume
  • Any personal product/other products containing alcohol

Q. Can I smoke at Adams Recovery Center?

Yes. You may smoke while at Adams Recovery Center. Clients who wish to smoke must provide their own cigarettes and may not share cigarettes with other clients. Clients are provided designated times to smoke and must do so at least 50 feet away from the facility in a designated area. Also, please note that clients under the age of 21 are not permitted to smoke due to legal ordinances.

Q. Can Adams Recovery Center help me if I want to quit smoking?

Absolutely! Our physicians and staff are happy to explore smoking cessation options for clients who are interested. Our physicians also host a weekly smoking cessation class to provide education to clients about the effects of smoking and methods to decrease nicotine use.

Q. Am I allowed to communicate with my family?

Absolutely. The program permits two ten-minute phone calls per week. Please note that these phone calls are monitored by staff to ensure client safety. Clients are also able to send and receive mail.

Q. What about family visitation?

Please contact our facilities to get the most up-to-date information on our procedures.

Q. Am I permitted to bring all of my medications?

Yes. You may bring your medications. All medications must be in your name and must be an active prescription. Some medications may not be permitted in the facility. You may also bring over-the-counter medication, but all bottles must be new and unopened upon admission. Please contact us if you have any questions about a specific medication.