Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday

Adams Recovery Center wishes you a beautiful, safe holiday season!

We know that while this is meant to be a time of joy, cheer and peace, it can be a challenge for individuals and families dealing with addiction. Many people in addiction are struggling to find the right way to tell their loved ones they won’t be attending holiday events this year, or they’re nervous about the questions they’ll face during their first sober holiday.

We encourage friends and loved ones to put themselves in the shoes of someone battling addiction or new to recovery and sobriety. Be more of a listener, not an interviewer. Be mindful of body language and try not to cast judgment. Remember that someone just out of recovery might not have a job yet, and keep in mind that sobriety is the best gift for someone in recovery this season.

If you’re concerned about someone you believe is abusing drugs or alcohol, please share treatment options with them discreetly, not publicly. Our book Accept, Reflect, Commit: Your First Steps to Addiction Recovery can be a useful gift for someone looking to make healthy changes.

And if you’ve found the tips in this email helpful, you might be interested in Assess, Rebuild, Connect: Creating a New Life Beyond Addiction, which includes a chapter on managing the holidays and their associated emotions and pressures.

May this holiday be merry and bright for you and your loved ones, and may 2020 bring health, happiness and prosperity!